kudu-logo1KUDU is a proud British equestrian clothing company based in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds. Inspired by the environment and the people around them KUDU has designed a new stylish clothing range that is set to be the next big thing. KUDU have spent years carefully developing their new jackets to create the perfect fit as well as style and sophistication, in a bid to take on some of the  industries well known international brands.



Directors note: ‘All of my life I wanted to do this but never thought it was even possible! I feel that equestrian and sporting clothing in general is now dominated by 2-3 certain brands and style, resulting in a very one dimensional scene and a loss of individuality. When you wear a new item of clothing you want to feel special, unique and individual, this is what I want to bring back to my customers. We will constantly be updating our styles and themes to flow with the seasons, eventually offering our consumers a wide range of items to wear all year round. The two most important things for me are quality and style. Our products are designed and created with serious thought to ensure they provide the customer with a high quality and well thought out product. Second most important is style not only does the clothing we wear need to function at a high standard but it also needs to look sophisticated, stylish and most importantly provide the consumer with inner confidence.

The main thing is to not only look good but feel good in the clothes you are in. This is my ethos and one that drives me on to create some extra special products for my customers. So if you want wear something other than the old obvious brands then you’ve come to the right place.  KUDU’s apparel is meticulously designed over a long period of time, taking the best bits of other well known branded items and amalgamating them into one to create the perfect product for our customers’.